Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Co.,Ltd.

THE first 3 international sand sculpture festivals operated by the government-led, started the brand of Zhoushan Sand Sculpture while the social impact was well expanded. To further build the brand of "Zhoushan Sand Sculpture" and make it gradually into the the market track, a new enterprise solely funded by the State, Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Co., Ltd, was organized by the Putuo District and the People's Government of Zhoushan City. The company resposible for the planning and operation of the sand sculpture festival, aims to strengthen the communication and cooperation with both domestic and foreign sand sculpture fields, and to popularize sand sculpture tourism towards other cities or scenic spots which have sandy areas in China.

Since its inception, we successfully held the next year, China Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival, with new ideas and initiatives to achieve a running section of form, scale and content of the innovation and development so that the sand sculpture festival in Zhoushan many tourist festivals in the country stand out, each year attracts many foreign tourists to observe the Sand Sculpture Festival, and was the National Tourism Administration as a major tourism promotion activities in Zhejiang Province, famous tourism projects, and will be par with the West Lake, Zhejiang Province, 11 are classified as five-tourism Planning key to create festive events.

Market operation of the sand brand

IN the operation of the fourth international sand sculpture festival in Zhoushan process, has successfully held in Beijing Great Hall of the sand sculpture festival in Zhoushan press conference, held in a large-scale theatrical performance planning, sand sculpture and body painting and supporting a range of creative activities. Fifth Sand Sculpture Festival took place in the operations of a qualitative change, Sand Sculpture Festival held in the past from a single government-led, embarked on a "government-led, business operations, market operations," the new road. June 2002 and March 2003, The company also has beaches and the Xinghai Bay in Dalian, East China Suzhou, the famous amusement park attractions Zhoushan sand sculpture exhibition organized activities; in July 2003, another large-scale sand sculpture south of Zhoushan, Fuzhou, Fujian, Fuzhou, planning and production of the first International Sand Sculpture Festival; August 2003 Zhoushan Sand Sculpture has to go to Nanchang, Jiangxi Nanchang host the first International Sand Sculpture Festival; in April 2004, Zhoushan sand sculpture debut in Beijing, organized the theme of "sand fairy" combination of sand sculpture exhibition in Beijing and the central level by the media pay attention to. April 2006, the Company shall Jiangyan Jiangsu Tourism Bureau invited into Lake in Jiangyan Qin Sand sculpture arts activities were held successfully. July 2006, the company in Shandong Haiyang Haiyang successfully hosted the first international sand sculpture festival. August 2008, in Phoenix Hill, Siming District, Xiamen, successfully held the sand sculpture arts.

Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival tenth consecutive successful organization and successful operation of the company since its establishment, has made Zhoushan Sand Sculpture Co., Ltd. are fully equipped with a sand sculpture art organizations, particularly the combination of the sculpture is a large creative ability and planning related activities, and we also the famous sand sculptures with the European Organization Netherlands INAXI company has established long-term relationship, so that we sand sculpture activities of international cooperation and exchanges to make new breakthroughs and development.

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